About Us

Shot Addict welcomes you to our website! First of all, we would like clarify that this site is dedicated to gambling. We understand that there is a certain amount of negative stigma attached to that particular hobby. As such, we want to take this space and focus on being a beacon of positivity.

Our Goal

Gambling has always been an activity that has brought delight and better opportunities for many. This site aims to focus on the more ethical and responsible approach to gambling.

As such, you can expect a variety of articles that forwards tips and discussion about gambling, gambler’s health, and many others.

Our Writers

All gamblers at the very core, they have found success in fields both related and unrelated to gambling. As such, they come armed with practical experience and a keen eye to spot any discussions that need to be had.

Our writers pride themselves in providing the fresh perspective to old topics in the world of gambling.

Within Reach

One of the things that this site is proud with is being highly accessible to our readers. If you believe that there is any topic or angle that you want us to look at, you can reach us easily. All you have to do is call Brian Stonge at 703-866-9834.