Slow but Steady: 3 Major Issues with Online Poker that Players Face

If you look back to around twenty years ago, if poker was brought up, it would not be odd of envision casinos or game nights with friends. Poker has been around for quite a while and has built up quite a following. It was also one of the games that made the transition to the online world. The whole concept of online gambling is something that a lot of people are still adjusting to. Today, we shall focus on three major issues that players face with online poker.



Security - Slow but Steady: 3 Major Issues with Online Poker that Players Face
Online poker brings the ability to earn off of the game—much like the real world version of poker. As such, the criminal elements of the world are vastly interested in gaining access to accounts signed up for legitimate poker websites.

There have been instances of errors and hacks that have cost players quite a bit of money. Hackers try to imitate the actual website or make use of a pop-up window to direct users to a fake website or a prompt to give over their username and password. Real world currency exchanges during online poker games so it is vital that security be wholly assured.


Cheat Software

Cheat Software - Slow but Steady: 3 Major Issues with Online Poker that Players Face
Online poker is basically a computer program that runs an algorithm which results in a simulation of the real world game. Like any computer program, it can be susceptible to outside interference if the system has lapses.

There has been a growing concern of robot accounts and software that provide an unfair advantage to their owners. Thankfully, the legitimate poker websites are now taking a more active stance regarding accounts which use illegal poker software and bot accounts. It is now common practice to have a list of software that is allowed and which ones are banned. Poker websites now have better algorithms to detect bot programs that violate their list.



Legality - Slow but Steady: 3 Major Issues with Online Poker that Players Face
There has always been a sort of issue regarding the legality of online poker. As it is online, how does it affect states wherein poker or any form of gambling is illegal? On an international scale, how do the earnings online translate? How is it taxed if it is legal?

There have been many concerns regarding online poker and its legal standing. What is good is the governments are trying to categorize online gambling suitably and better channels for issues are being built.



Online poker opened up a world where players no longer need to be confined to the option of having to go out and play. The idea of having the option to just stay in and still be able to enjoy the thrill of a game of poker is highly appealing. What keep most players from making the jump are the issues that often crop up.

What we all have to look forward to is the fact that the online gambling world will continue to evolve and fix any longstanding issues that are reported on a regular basis. Which issues have you come across in your online poker journey?