Sports Go Digital: Why You Should Add eSports to Your Sports Betting Books

If you are not familiar with the concept of betting on sports, you are really missing out. With the resurgence of video games, a whole new market has emerged. Video games now carry the same weight as athletic sports when it comes to the potential to earn money. Sports betting have traditionally focused on athletic sports. Things are changing fast! Today, we take a look as to why you should add eSports to your sports betting books!


It Generates Serious Money

It Generates Serious Money - Sports Go Digital: Why You Should Add eSports to Your Sports Betting Books

Last year, eSports managed to rake in nearly $464 million in combined revenues. That number is only expected to go up. As a product of the massive gaming industry, eSports has a pre-built following that will only continue to grow.

From a bettor’s perspective, the major events wherein eSports teams battle for supremacy are going to pop up—generating more opportunities where viewers can place more bets.


Results Are Varied

Results Are Varied - Sports Go Digital: Why You Should Add eSports to Your Sports Betting Books
While there are established favorites in the world of sports like the Golden State Warriors for Basketball or Manchester United for Football—the world of eSports and its many variations have yet to establish favorites.

Even as there are emerging favorites in eSports, performances by other teams suddenly flip things around. As such, the ratios and odds are more varied. This allows more options for bettors to consider before placing a final bet. Much like any part of sports betting, there needs to be considerable review of old performances and the members of the team.

When teams get switched up, the dynamic of their efficacy changes as well. A team that was toted to be the beast can find themselves at the bottom of the rankings in the blink of an eye. This is part of the reason why eSports is an exciting thing to bet upon.


There Is More Than One eSport

There Is More Than One eSport - Sports Go Digital: Why You Should Add eSports to Your Sports Betting Books
Just like the world of athletics, eSports is not limited to a single type of game. There are the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and there are the first person shooters (FPS) games. Every game has a lot of different teams that have their own styles and competencies when it comes to approaching the fight.

As such, there are a lot of different choices for bettors to study and place bets upon. What is always great about betting on sports is the fact that you do not even need to put in a large amount. Instead, a small amount on the right team can actually yield quite a bit of earnings.



As eSports is not going away any time soon, it only follows that the sheer amount of money that can be earned from betting on it will continue to go up as well. Right now, it is still a relatively unpopulated market—this means bigger pot and less people to share it with.

The world of eSports is only getting bigger and bigger and it would not be smart to get left behind on the trends. Which eSport would you choose to support and place bets upon?