Knowledge Bites: 5 Gambling Facts You May Want to Know

Gambling is a subject that has quite an age to it. As such, there is a lot of information about it that may not be common knowledge. Today, Shot Addict is discussing 5 gambling facts you may want to know.


Vegas Gambling Pilgrimage

Vegas Gambling Pilgrimage - Knowledge Bites: 5 Gambling Facts You May Want to Know
Each year since 1996, around 88% of the tourists that visit Las Vegas do so solely to gamble. It can be argued that gambling tourism is one of the reasons why Las Vegas continues to thrive. The sheer number of gambling halls and casinos is proof that the gambling industry in Las Vegas if alive and well.


Slot Machines Rule

Slot Machines Rule - Knowledge Bites: 5 Gambling Facts You May Want to Know
In casinos, roughly around 65% of patrons stay to use the slot machines. Slot machines are easy to use, require virtually no skill, and are often en masse in most gambling halls. Slot machines make up for a majority of the revenue that is generated by most gambling halls.

While there are high stakes tables in certain establishments, the sheer amount of revenue that slot machines bring in, cannot be ignored.


Monaco Citizens Non-Gambling Rule

Monaco Citizens Non Gambling Rule - Knowledge Bites: 5 Gambling Facts You May Want to Know
Around the 1800s, Princess Caroline made a law that pretty much enforced a rather rigid restriction regarding the citizens of Monaco. She made it law that the locals of Monaco cannot actually step into the Monte Carlo Casino unless they actually work there. This means the high-stakes gambling of the well known casino is out of reach for the ones that actually live there.


Ben Affleck’s Blackjack Woes

Ben Affleck’s Blackjack Woes - Knowledge Bites: 5 Gambling Facts You May Want to Know
Card Counting is generally frowned upon in casinos—particularly at the tables where higher amounts of money are at stake. They do not hesitate to throw out those that they catch counting cards. This was something that Hollywood actor Ben Affleck learned first hand in the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

While card counting is not anything that is explicitly illegal, it is still highly discouraged.


A Gambler Invented the Sandwich

A Gambler Invented the Sandwich - Knowledge Bites: 5 Gambling Facts You May Want to Know
Back in the 1700s the way people ate food was primarily through their hands. They picked at meat and then ate their carbohydrates like bread either before or after the meat. When the hands are engaged, there is very little room for other activities—like gambling.

One gambler who was also the Earl of Sandwich did not wish to be diverted from his gambling. According the popular story passed down through the centuries, he had requested that one of his servants bring him his meal. The only thing weird about it was that he wanted the meats that were in the middle of couple of bread pieces.  Presumably, this was so he could eat with one hand and keep gambling with the other. If the story is to be believed, that is the exact moment where the modern day sandwich was created!



Knowing more about something that is a part of our culture and our history is a great way to keep it positive and healthy. Gambling is something that we earn from, learn from, and thrive upon. Take a look at the five facts we have shared with you. Which ones came as a surprise?

We enjoyed looking the different gambling facts—we hope that we will be able to share more in the future!